Temporal Variation of Catch rate and Length Frequency of Clupeonella cultriventr

 Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research

september 2012

Majid Koohani, Seyed Yousef Paighambari, Afshin Adeli, Ali Asghar Ghorbani

Temporal Variation of Catch rate and Length Frequency of Clupeonella cultriventris was studied in the fishing grounds of Guilan province during 1st January to 10th December 2011. There was a significant difference between the mean CPUE of different depths and seasons. The total lengths of 921 specimens were recorded during the study period ranged from 69 mm to 139 mm. The contribution of Common Kilka (C. cultriventris caspia), Big-eye Kilka (C. grimmi) and Anchovy Kilka (C. engrauliformis) from the total catch was 97.6, 1.08 and 1.3 %, respectively. Length–frequency distribution of the C. cultriventris had differed significantly among the examined seasons for seasonal variation in the size structure of their populations. The present study indicates that the season is important determinant of the capture rate and the size composition of lift net catches. Lowest CPUE was caught in spring season and highest was summer. The data collected in this study can be used as the basis for a long-term stock monitoring program in the region


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