Tehranish Household Preference of Farmed Fish Consumption

Research Journal of Fisheries and Hydrobiology, 5(2): 129-136, 2010

Abstract: During the year of 2008, 295 households of Tehran were asked to fill the questionnaire, in order to know their attitude toward farmed fishes. After evaluation and reviewing the descriptive statistics and analyzing the non-parametric data, answering to Hypothesis test in order to know the different point of views among fish price, taste, losses, non-pollution of wild fishes and farmed fishes, and effects of these parameters on purchasing, was done. As average, each households (4 people), purchase farmed-fish 11 , times per year (5.1 kg in each time in proportion of 33.2%), which fish per capita will be 5.8 kg 59% of consumers are interest in fish packing, and printing the nutrition facts on it is the highest priority, and the highest demand is for trout fish (with 60% demand).The most important factor in increasing the farmed fish consumption, is live fish selling, and decreasing the price in comparison with wild fish. Quality and freshness have the highest influence in purchasing farmed fish

Tehranish Household Preference of Farmed Fish Consumption -

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