Production and Supply of Rainbow Trout in Iran and the World


World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 5 (3): 335-341, 2013


Rainbow trout, is the endemic fish of North America, which as a successful farmed species, has been worldwide by transferring eyed eggs to all over the world. Nowadays, the portion of 25% of total production of farmed salmonidae (2.3 million) belongs to this species and affects the important portion of world food security, consumption dissemination and increasing the fish consumption per capita in the world. Although it is not in the range of highest consumption, but 69 countries in the world farm it. The U.S.A as the homeland of this species, beside Chile, Norway and Iran have spread the farming of this species of fish. This article reviews the farming of this fish in the most important countries of the world and also Iran. Iran during past 18 years, has approached 32 % production growth and 9 % production increase per plane unit, and the farming area has been reached 230 hectares since 1960.For the time being, the value of transaction of this type of fish in the frozen, fresh and live fish has been reached one billion dollars and in Iran the increase of consumption is because of live-selling of this fish‎

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