Status of fish Consumption per capita of Tehran citizens

Iranian journal of fishery science,Volume 10, Number 4 (October 2011)

Abstract: Status of fish consumption was analyzed by completing the 295 questionnaires in all 22 metropolitan regions of Tehran from different households in 2008. After reviewing the descriptive and statistics analysis along with the non-parametric statistics, the fish consumption per capita was extracted through formulas. The average and mode of purchasing of each household occurs 11 times per year with 5.1 Kg in each time . Considering the higher fish consumption growth rate in Iran, the sequence of interest in all kinds of protein is as follows: poultry, mutton, beef, Trout, wild fishes and Chinese carps. The highest interest of households to buy fish more than other protein resources is due to the nutrient value of it. An average of 33.2% purchasing is dedicated to the farmed fish. 59% of purchasers are interested to buy packed up fish products and pay attention to the label of nutrient values on the product package. Fish consumption per capita is 13.3 Kg, which is divided to 6.4 kg for farmed fishes, 5.8 Kg for wild fishes and 1.1 Kg for canned fish. The higher consumption per capita of Tehran citizens in comparison with other people from other cities, who are living in Tehran, is because of their tendency and freshness of farmed fishes.

  In contrast, the consumption of canned and wild fishes among people of littoral regions who live in Tehran is higher than others

Status of fish Consumption per capita of Tehran citizens.

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